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When you purchase this bundle, you will receive four files - an illustrated PDF and an ePub of The Funnel Effect AND a PDF and an ePub file of Praying with Children.

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The Funnel Effect: how to have an effective children's ministry

by Josh and Kirsten Combs

So you’ve prepared for your kids church or class this Sunday but once the kids walk in…what’s next?

That’s where the Funnel Effect comes in.

The Funnel Effect is a method that children's ministry leaders across the country use each week to effectively structure their kids church and Sunday school classes. It involves viewing your weekly ministry time as a funnel, which starts out broad in the beginning and then the focus of the service begins to narrow down as time goes.

In this eBook, you will find the tools and strategies needed to make your children's ministry more effective.

We will dive into The Funnel Effect which consists of three stages that you can use to guide your students through your ministry hour. You will also find practical ways to implement each stage.

Testimonials of children's ministry leaders who use The Funnel Effect:

"After implementing “The Funnel Effect” in our Kidz Church, it completely revitalized our services. It helped our team members understand that there was a purpose and a vision behind the service structure. Regardless of your assigned role that day, you were helping transition the service with the end goal of having the kids experience a tangible move of God. Everyone was excited about fulfilling their role and understood how integral it was in preparing the kids for altar call."

Jud Sanders

Children's Ministry Leader, Bellevue, WA

"The Funnel Effect is a highly effective structure that will transform your children’s ministry. If you find that your children’s service is more madness than method, then implementing the principles of this book will aid in turning that around.

We used The Funnel Effect and we found that the main idea of the lesson became part of every avenue of the service, from the silly to the serious. Not only will the kids be affected, but your staff will love this tried and true method of structuring your children’s ministry.

Thank you, Josh, for empowering and inspiring leaders and volunteers with The Funnel Effect."

Ryan Copeland

Youth Pastor, Joshua, TX

"The Funnel Effect was shared with me years ago in a training seminar that Josh was leading, and our personal ministry has never been the same. It’s easy to explain, simple to implement, and immediately helpful. One of the beauties of the Funnel Effect is that other styles of service development can fit within the general concept, so it’s extremely adaptable as well. If you start operating in this format, your ministry will only benefit, no exceptions. "

Alec Story

Children's Pastor, Lake Charles, LA

Praying with Children

by Josh Combs

Praying with children in the altar can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! In this short eBook, we will discuss the biblical principles behind praying with children and some practical techniques that you can use to become more effective when guiding children in prayer.

Here is what some children's ministers are saying about "Praying with Children":

"Praying with Children" is an Apostolic guidebook that navigates a basic structure of how to pray with children either at home, or in a church setting. Authored by Children's Evangelist Josh Combs, this insightful ebook is more than just instruction, offering countless wisdom from experience as he has traveled throughout the states witnessing the power of the Holy Ghost in children’s lives.

One of the ebook's most compelling aspects is the biblical evidence he lists, that we can also see throughout the Bible. This is a testament of how important praying with children or being apart of children’s ministry is to God, because He instructs us to do so in His Word! Josh encourages children’s ministry teams and parents alike, to lead children into a new level of prayer that helps them not only understand, but also to receive.

Overall, "Praying with Children" is a passionate and illuminating resource that will encourage and educate anyone committed to praying with the next generation!

Adrianna Eason, Children's Pastor - Bradenton, FL

“Praying with Children" is a resource that provides biblical principles, and also translates them into practical action. It’s short, sweet, and to the point! Anyone who has kids coming to their church should read it!

Dalton Dismore, Children's Pastor - Dallas, TX

Effective Children's ministry in any church is vital in reaching our children with the Gospel.  As a pastor, finding tools for our ministry team can be difficult.  That is why, I was so pleased to hear that my friend has committed himself to helping fill this void. 

Pulling from his years of experience, Josh Combs tackles the often intimidating task of Praying with Children.  In this ebook, you will find biblical purpose and practical advice on how to work with children as they seek the gift of the Holy Ghost.  This book is a must-read for you and your team.

Pastor Jason Roach - New Hope Church - Ontario, Canada

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Praying with Children + The Funnel Effect bundle (30% off)

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